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Zipit Lunch Boxes — What Colours Suit Your Taste?

Zipit Lunch Boxes aren’t only for carrying food. Many customers purchase them as everyday storage containers, for items around the home or workplace. For example, Kids frequently use them as over-sized pencil cases, or mini toy boxes.

It’s the vibrant colours and patterns that make the Zipit Lunch Boxes stand out from the crowd. Just take a look at some of the options we have available here at uZipit and you’ll know just what we mean…

Zipit Beast Box Jumbo Storage Cases (Red)


The bright, contrasting colours and not-so-fierce teeth make the ‘Jumbo’ a distinct and eye-catching Zipit Lunch Box that really stands out on the playground.

The Beast Box Jumbo has a hard outer shell to ensure that your lunch is well protected during transport; so no more squashed sandwiches. It’s also very easy to wipe clean, too — which is ideal if you or your kid happens to be a messy tyke…

But how about for regular storage? Well, the Beat Box is named ‘Jumbo’ for a reason. It fits approximately 100-110 pens or pencils. Or you may alternatively decide to store scissors, sharpeners, crayons, markers, makeup — or whatever else you please. It’s got plenty of space.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have a ‘Jumbo’ price tag. This Zipit Lunch Box (Storage Box) is yours in Red or Blue variations for only £12.99

Zipit Colorz Jumbo Large Storage Boxes (Zebra)

Here’s another of our favourite Zipit Lunch Boxes. It’s very similar in size and functionality to the ‘Jumbo’. But this one doesn’t require a monster face to draw attention.

The black-on-white, retro zebra print pattern is unlike most other Zipit designs which are typified by their elaborate bright colours. We like the changeup — and so do many of our customers as well.

But if you still prefer more colourful designs then the ‘Colorz range certainly lives up to its name. In stark contrast to the zebra design, there’s Multi-Coloured, Blue or Purple options available. All three alternatives comprise a modern geometric triangle pattern on the hard outer shell. Be sure to check them out in our Storage/Lunch Box section.

Zipit Colorz Large Storage Boxes are all only £17.15.

Zipit Beast Lunch Boxes (Light Blue)

When I first saw this particular Zipit Lunch Box I had to stop and stare at it for a while:

  • What’s happened to one of its eyes?
  • What are those little bumpy dimples on either side of its face?
  • And are those meant to be white jagged teeth at the bottom (above the zip)? If so, why aren’t they attached to its head?

I must admit this one very mysterious lunch box!

But then I realised that this is the whole point of it. After all, you don’t buy Zipit Lunch Boxes to conform to popular designs. You buy them for their originality.

This dishevelled yet loveable ‘Beast’ is certainly something of a conversation starter. And I still can’t get my head round it…

Zipit Beast Lunch Boxes are available for £17.15.

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