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The ZipIt Bag: Zip-It, the one of a kind bag that zips into shape when you need it. It's the hip zip! The Zip-It™ bags won the product of the year show award for the SPREE 2005 Show in Boston, MA (June 2-4, 2005). This event was sponsored by the Specialty Retail Report.

As we grow to develop our Smart Wear brand, we will bring you more and more products that will make your life more enjoyable, practical and most importantly - fun!

We select our products based on their uniqueness, their quality of workmanship, packaging design and value for money.

We pride ourselves more than anything on our service. We have worked hard to build an online shop that gives you a multitude of features to search for products, a shop that is secure, easy to use and gives you lots of information.

We work with the best and most reputable courier services in the world, FedEx, Business Post and Royal Mail, these companies have extensive infrastructures and customer support facilities, and this enables us to give a reliable and efficient service to our customers. We deliver to most addresses in the UK in 48hrs.

We pack and wrap all our products to a high standard, using the latest techniques, to ensure products arrive undamaged and are dispatched swiftly. We have a comprehensive 'returns policy’ to ensure that the customer has flexibility and is protected against damage and product defects.

For further information or assistance, see Frequently Asked Questions below or email us by using this easy contact from:

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the original zipper bag?
The original zipper bag is a unique and innovative bag that is changing the fashion industry and the concept of handbags. It revolutionizing the idea that bag should come assembled. The original zipper bag, is a long strap of a zipper yet while zipping it, it becomes a beautiful handbag. Thanks for our designers the bags looks beautiful cool and special, the zipper gave to the bags very unique and special texture, that no one can ignore it! It is very easy to use and except that the bags are the most fashionable item in 2005-2006 (win as the product of the year) it is great for travel, storage and gift. The quality of the zipper is amazingly high. The zipper is very strong and it is made especially for this kind of bag. It does not take much space and you can carry it anywhere you want to. It is washable and dryable - you can even put it there with your clothes. The colours won't fade - you cannot find customers that are not amazed to see this cool idea and want to own it.

2. What bag models are available?
The original zipper bags have seven different models with many colour combinations and related accessories such as purses and make-up pouches and more models under development. To view the different models, please visit our 'Buy Now' section.

3. What are the differences between ZA, ZB, ZBD, ZC, ZD, ZP and ZM?
The names code for different models. ZA is a great model for those who like a small bag for everyday use. It is big enough to carry all the essentials like mp3 player and Cellular phone plus you'll still have room for your ID, lipstick and keys. ZB/ ZBD model is an amazing unique bag for evening use (ZB with 2 straps and ZBD with one). This model is great for those who prefer a small pocketbook although it's big enough to carry all the essentials. ZC model was design especially for students and for those who workout in the gym. The bag is pretty and practical; it features wide straps that can be worn over the shoulder. ZD model is big enough for all your beach essentials plus it makes a great bag for stashing all those terrific vacation souvenirs. The accessories, ZP (Purse) and ZM (make-up pouch) models make the original zipper bag a success story all-around. To view the different models, please visit our MODELS section.

4. What are the materials the bags is made of?
The original zipper bags are made100% from polyester. The production contains a five-step process, each of them supervised by our QC (Quality Control) team.

5. What is the most popular model?
We have different styles and designs that you can choose from so this question is hard to answer. It usually depends on the location. Yet, it will be honest to say ZA and ZBD are the most sold models along with the accessories ZP and ZM. To view the different models, please visit our MODELS section.

6. What are the measurements for the bags?
The measurements are listed in the following table in centimeters (Cm).
To convert Cm to Inches, note that 1 inch = 2.54 cm.

Zip it measurements table:

ZipIt Bag Dimensions Table

7. How strong are these bags?
The bags are made of a long polyester sleeve with a special stitch is done to ensure that the bags can carry relatively heavy weight. Each bag has also double stitches in the bottom to ensure it will not break easily. This makes sure the bags are strong and durable.

8. Why is it called Zipit?
It is pretty simple...The bag is created from a long strip of a zipper. You can zip it into a cool bag/purse and unzip it for storage. Zip It is a copyrighted product and protected by international trademark laws. To view a flash animation video of how the bag is zipped and unzipped, please visit the index page of the website or click here.

9. How can I order online? Is it safe? How long does it take to get the order?
Internet shopping offers many benefits to consumers. These include opportunities to save time and money, greater choice, the convenience of shopping when you like and having goods delivered, and a powerful ability to find and compare information, products and prices.
Internet shopping is at least as safe as shopping in a store or by phone, so there is no need for anyone to miss out on the benefits it can provide.

10. What is the recommended target age-group for the bags?
The bags are adored and loved by women of all ages. Young girls and teenagers (ages 4-20) usually prefer to ZA model which is a great bag for everyday use. Women in their 20s and 30s usually prefer the ZB model to be used as a pocketbook. ZC model is a very practical bag designed especially for students and for those who work-out in the gym. ZD model is big enough for beach essentials and for stashing all those terrific vacation souvenirs. ZP (purse) and the ZM (make-up pouch) are accessories that are many times purchased along with the bags as complementary products.

11. When was Zipit Company founded?
Zipit founded in summer 2005 by a combination of gifted artists and business men and woman aiming to maximize the full potential of new innovative ideas. After a very successful launch of our original zipper bags in US market, we recently opened a Middle-East branch to help us expand our activity into the European and Asian markets.

12. How can you contact us?
To see our contact information, please visit the 'Info / Contact' section.

13. Why should I buy the original zipper bag? and not another handbag?
The original zipper bags may be classified as 'handbags' but there are very different from any other handbag you have ever seen. It is an innovation to the fashion industry and the way the market perceive bags. By being original and by thinking 'outside-of-the-box' we were able to combine artistic ideas with advanced technological design to make the original zipper bag into a household name recognized all over the world. You deserve having the best and the original zipper bags are the best bag of the 21st century.

14. Do you ship internationally? How long the delivery takes?
Yes, our products shipped worldwide. UK Delivery is usually within 1-3 working days. EU delivery is usually 3-5 working days and US delivery is usually within 5-7 working days. The delivery cost is calculated automatically according to your order weight plus a small fee for the packaging and handling - so you really pay only for the exact amount of the total deliver really is.

15. Are the bags seasonal? Are there different bags for different seasons?
The bags are not necessarily seasonal. We have over one hundred!! Colour combinations and many more under development, thus each customer can find his or her match easily. Some colours are more traditional-looking or of one colour while others are more colourful (2 colours); some bags are designed with brighter colours for a "sunny" feeling while others are classical like our black-and-white combinations. Yet, all bags are sold and used all throughout the year.

16. Where are the products produced?
The products are produced in a professional sewing factory in China. The factory has been carefully chosen by our company and it is monitored to ensure the bags are of the best quality available throughout the fashion industry. The factory operates under internationals requirements and laws.

17. Why should I unzip it?
You unzip the bag so you can take it anywhere without carrying it as a bag. It is small and light and can fit in any pocket. Or if you travel, you can save some room by taking it and zip it when needed.

History of the Zipper

The zipper has passed through the hands of several dedicated inventors before they were able to convince the general public to accept the zipper as part of everyday costume. It was warmly accepted only eighty years after its first appearance. The zipper's first appearance was in 1851 by an American named Elias Howe who also invented the sewing machine. Howe called it 'an Automatic Continuous Clothing Closure' but it never reached the market. More than forty years later, Whitcomb L. Judson patented a similar 'Clasp Locker', for fastening shoes and marketed the invention through his 'Universal Fastener' company. Whitcom usually gets the honor of being called the 'Inventor of the Zipper' but the zipper was not yet part of everyday use.

The design used today, based on interlocking teeth, was invented by the Swedish scientist Gideon Sundback, in 1913 as the 'Hookless Fastener' and patented in 1917 as the 'Separable Fastener'. The name zipper came from the B. F. Goodrich Company in 1923. The zip became popular for children's clothing and men's trousers in the 1920s and 1930s. The next big boost for the zipper came when zippers could open on both ends, as on jackets. Today the zipper is everywhere, in clothing, luggage and leather goods and countless other objects. Zip-it team took the zipper an extra step forward while creating the Zip-It Bag.

Thousands of zipper miles are produced daily, meeting the needs of consumers, thanks to the early efforts of the many famous zipper inventors.

Please feel free to contact us, we are waiting to help you in any way we can.

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